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Team Spirit Snack Mix

Make this recipe your own by adding ingredients with colors that fit your theme!


  • White chocolate cover pretzels

  • Regular pretzels

  • Chocolate snow caps

  • Candy covered peanuts 

  • Marshmallows 

  • Melting chocolate 

  • Sprinkles

  • Gift bags

  • Paper muffin cups


Basic steps -

  • Take a big paper bag with a wax paper liner add in the White chocolate pretzels, regular pretzels, snow caps, and candy covered peanuts. Lightly mix.

  • Place the white chocolate melting chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and heat up for 30 seconds. Take the marshmallows dip the tip into the chocolate and then into the sprinkles. Set aside to let the chocolate harden. Once they are all hardened, mix them in with the other snacks. 

  • Once everything is mixed take the paper muffin cup place it in the bottom of the plastic gift bag and add two scoops and tie off the plastic bag with a cute bow 




Raffle Ticket Bags 

Pencil Trophies


  • White paper bags

  • Designed construction paper

  • Rubber cement 

  • Glitter 

  • Large craft puncher

  • Exacto knife

  • Pencil


Basic steps -

  • Start by cutting the construction paper of your choice into 4 equal rectangles. 

  • Next measure 2 inches down from the top of the construction paper and punch a hole. We used a tag shaped craft puncher for this specific event.

  • Take the construction paper and lay it over the white paper bag and place it in the position that you would like to glue it. Take the pencil and trace the cut-out area from the hole puncher.

  • Remove the construction paper and gentle use the exacto knife and cut out where you traced with pencil.

  • Take the rubber cement and glue down the construction paper to the white bag and let it dry for about an hour. 

  • Once that is dry take your glitter lightly dab rubber cement one the bottom right corner and sprinkle the glitter on top and let dry. 

*Tips & Tricks*

- You can add a couple scoops of sand in a plastic baggie and put it in the bottom of the bag to weight down the bag for an outdoor event or even for stability.

- Depending on the type of craft hole puncher you can safe the punched scraps and reuse them for tags or little decorations. 


  • 3 pieces of 2x4 plywood 

  • Saw 

  • Acrylic paint 

  • Paint brushes

  • Black paint marker


Basic steps -

  • Start by cutting the 2x4 to a point and then make a large, medium, and small. 

  • Paint the tip of the point black the body of the pencil yellow, and finish with a pink eraser for a cute pencil trophy.

Out & About

People & Places


Time Crunch Escape

A highlight of our Lubbock trip was Brandy and Marley’s first escape room visit. Time crunch escapes

offers a variety of visually stunning and detail packed escape rooms perfect for any experience level. Our

visit included the “Explore the Pyramid” room and we were shocked to find something truly macabre!


Cast Iron Grill

Home cookin’ meets classic diner fare. It’s no secret that Lubbock boasts a great assortment of

restaurants. However, if you want to taste pie that is worthy of a president (hint hint), you need to head

on over to Cast Iron Skillet. The owner was incredibly generous and sent us with a full array of slices for

our blind taste test!


American Windmill Museum

We love field trips! And the Windmill Museum did not disappoint. It’s the largest windmill museum in

the world. The sheer size of these behemoths made the visit both magical and a left you a bit in awe.

What was especially fascinating was in the same building as ginormous windmills was a teeny tiny

miniature museum full of every eye candy imaginable. And did we mention the model railway that

spirals to the ceiling and runs overhead? This museum boasts something for everyone!


The Matador

Andy and Marley had plenty to choose from for their Texas Tech inspired basket at the Matador! The

official gameday retailer of Texas Tech athletics! Guns Up!




Additional Crew Faves:


The Science Spectrum


Holly Hop Ice Cream



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