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Show Notes:
Epi. 4 BBQ & Boardgames




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BBQ Snack Mix


  • 4 cups of pretzels

  • 3 cups of crackers (your choice!)

  • 2 cups of rice mix

  • 1 & 3/4 sticks of melted butter ( 1/2 stick of melted butter for every 2 cups of snack items)

  • 1 tbs of your favorite BBQ seasoning

  • Parchment Paper


Basic steps -

  • Combine all snack items in a large bowl

  • Dump in your melted butter

  • Sprinkle the seasoning on top and STIR

  • Dump onto your baking sheet lined with parchment paper

  • Bake at 350 for 15 minutes

Apple Cobbler Maple Pecan Walnut


  • Maple Syrup

  • Pecans

  • Walnuts

  • Cinnamon

  • Freeze Dried Apples

  • Gluten Free Graham Cracker

  • Parchment Paper


Basic steps -

  • Dump your walnuts and pecans into a pot

  • Add all of your maple syrup to the nuts and cook LOW & SLOW

  • Once the buts are coated with the syrup sprinkle in the cinnamon 

  • Keep stirring until the mixture crystalizes 

  • Add the freeze dried apples as soon as it begins to crystalize and stir, then remove from heat

  • Crush up the graham cracker and add it to the mixture

  • Dump onto parchment paper to cool




Apple Tic Tac Toe


  • Small faux decorative apples

  • Wax paper

  • Paint

  • Paint brush

  • Plywood

  • Wood stain

  • Stain rag

  • Painter’s tape

  • Baby wipes or wet cloth


Basic steps -

  • We used red and green apples to go with our theme. And used barn red paint and a matte teddy bear tan paint to tone down the bright red and green of the original-colored apples.

  • Lay down a sheet of wax paper to protect whatever surface you are painting on.

  • Take the apples and start applying a thin layer of paint with your dry brush and let sit for 30 min to an hour.

  • While the apples are drying, Take the plywood and tape off the plywood 2 even strip horizontally and 2 strips vertically. To make a tic tac toe board. 

  • Take the brush and start adding a light layer of stain to the board. Let it sit for about 2 minutest then use an old rag to wipe off any access stain.

  • Let the stain dry for 24 hours.

  • Once the stain has had time to dry, take the baby wipe or wet cloth and add brown paint to the edges and wipe lightly to get a rustic look on the board.

  • Peel away tape and you can paint over where you had the tape with a white paint to accentuate the lines.


*Tips & Tricks*

-Use very little stain and try to not paint over the painters tape to avoid the stain from seeping where you taped off on the board. If it does spread a little that’s ok you can paint over it to show where the boarder is for the tic tac toe.

-If you like a darker stained wood. You can repeat the staining step a couple of times to get the desired darkness you like.

-If you like a more rustic look, you can use a brown paint and go round the edges with a baby wipe or wet cloth and smear a little brown paint around the edges. 

-You can leave the apples the color they came in or paint them to match your color scheme.

-Using a dry brush for painting the apples will help make for a realistic feel to the apple.