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We are so excited and ready to share our Show with you! Season 1 will begin airing August 25th and continue through December 1st. Midland, Odessa, Monahans, Big Spring, and Lubbock are the West Texas cities that you can look forward to exploring with us!

Click the button below to discover where to watch.


E.1 Party & a Pup Parade

Re-airing Sept. 1st on network  (see Where To Watch)

Bulldogs in tutus? Unauthorized roller skating? The crazy West Texas wind wasn't able to stop the crew from putting together a once in a lifetime party and pup parade to benefit a couple of amazing advocacy programs in Midland.

West Texas Cities: Midland & Odessa


E.2 Prickly Pears & Curb Appeal

This episode, ending in an amazing front porch refresh, not only answers the questions, what is a rattlesnake bomber and what type of massive fire truck puts out fires in the desert, but it also looks into the incredible history of the town and a family who believes community is everything.

West Texas Cities: Midland & Monahans


E.3 Terrific Teachers & Team Spirit

Who new learning and giving back to our educators could be so much fun! And chaotic? Also . . . where did the skeleton come from?

West Texas Cities: Midland & Lubbock


E.4 BBQ & Boardgames

This episode left us in awe. We started out on a simple mission to help support an adoption agency. We finished wondering when we could plan another visit to this Texas treasure steeped in history.

West Texas Cities: Midland & Big Spring


E.5 Live, Laugh, Lagome

Two of Brandy's biggest passions, design and single mamas, merge for a heartwarming episode full of camaraderie, chaos, and a beautiful reveal.

West Texas Cities: Midland & Odessa


E.6 Biscuits & a Barn Raisin'

What is a Barn Raisin'? And is Kyle really mad about his hammer? Answers to these questions and more are in this episode where we gather around to celebrate family and friends, and give back to a family in need.

West Texas City: Midland


E.7 Mums & a Marketplace

The annual So. Bell & Co. Fall Marketplace is the highlight of the season on the Little Teeny Farm. This is where the community comes out to support female entrepreneurs and the non-profits that help the families around West Texas. And where Brandy finally meets the king of all pumkin' lovers.

West Texas City: Midland


E.8 Holiday Sweets & Surprises

Christmas is Brandys favorite. So this episode overflowing with DIY'S, Crafts, family recipes, plus lots of family and friends make this season finale extra sweet! Learn some new traditions and simple creative ways to support your community.

West Texas City: Midland

Where To Watch

Where To Watch

Midland - Odessa & Surrounding Areas

Channel 9 @ 1pm on Thursday's Bi-Weekly


Everyone, everywhere, whenever you want!


Abilene & Surrounding Areas - Channel 15 @ 3pm on Thursday's Bi-Weekly


San Angelo & Surrounding Areas - Channel 6 @ 3pm on Thursday's Bi-Weekly

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