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About Our Adventures...

Keeping Good Company is a Texas Web Series hosted by Brandy Bell that highlights the importance of community & connection through hospitality and design. Our goal is to take our viewers on a journey filled with simple acts of kindness, laughter, camaraderie, and inspiring stories.

We aspire to learn from and connect with others, through the  amazing spirit and diversity of the people and places of West Texas.

Our message is simple:

Love your neighbor. Inspire kindness. Celebrate often.


Every adventure includes:

*Celebrations *Community Projects *Hospitality Ideas

*DIY'S *Awesome Friends *Great Stories *Recipes *Crafts

*A Hidden Gem or Two  *And Some Unstable Crew Members

We hope your journey with us:


Inspires you to engage in your own community and to find ways to celebrate others.


Makes you excited to go out and experience new places and make new friends.


Equips you with fun ideas to spark your own adventures and celebrations.

The Crew

Brandy Bio for web (mobile).png

Executive Producer,

Director of Content,

and Host

Lead Editor

Assistant Producer

Director of Photography 

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Syd Bio for web-2.png
Luke Bio for web-3.png
Tori Bio for web-4.png

Prep Assistant


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