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Epi. 5 Live, Laugh, Lagome




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For this episode, we wasted no time and got straight to work on this single mama's home. Pizza was absolutely necessary and sometimes ya just go with it (:

Sheridan, with The Happy Olive, created a lovely serving board for Cathy & her sweet daughter. Perfect for Charcuterie so, here are some links to our favorite Charcuterie Boards:

Hot Chocolate "Charcuterie" Board

Pumpkin Butter Dipping Board

Epic Charcuterie Board for Two






Squeegee Art


  •  Botanical and earth tone pallet. But you can use any colors that bring you joy. EVEN mustard yellow haha.

  • Canvas

  • Squeegee 


Basic steps -

  •  Start by placing little dots of alternating colors on the canvas. If you put to many dots of the same color by one another it can look muddy. 

  • Fill the canvas about halfway down with dots. If you like the look of having a border around your painting leave about four inches of the canvas blank on each side.

  • Next take the squeegee and start top to bottom. Gently pull the squeegee down to smudge the paint in one even stroke. You don’t want to apply to much pressure because you can rip the canvas. Light strides down the canvas helps blend the colors and makes natural designs with each stride.


*Tips & Tricks*

-Be sure not to over blend the paint. This helps accentuate the dark and light paint.

Faux Sherpa Chair Covers


  • Faux fur. We used sherpa. But you can use any style or texture that brings you joy.

  • Scissors. Sharp. Not the ones your kids cut paper with. 

  • Tarp or an old sheet

  • Trash bag


Basic steps -

  • Lay a tarp or an old sheet down on a flat surface. This fabric can get fur everywhere, this will help catch the little pieces of fur as you are cutting the faux sherpa.

  • Fold the faux sherpa in half and cut evenly. Make sure not to cut the seams of the material it will help keep the fur intact.

  • Lay out one piece of the sherpa, fur side up. Start at the bottom corner of the fabric and cut a curvy line out of the sides to give it a beautiful organic feel to the fabric.


*Tips & Tricks*

-Making curvy cuts to the fabric gives it a natural organic shape to the seat cover. You don’t want to cut off to much because they fabric will shrink just a little bit

-These are fun but furry! Taking it outside and giving it a good shake down after cutting will help eliminate the fur from getting all over the house or sticking to the furniture you desire to use it on.

Ombre Metallic Vase


  • Recycled glass jug or bottle

  • Metallic and black spray paint. Or any colors go with your design.

  • Tarp

  • Goo gone 


Basic steps -

  • Start by soaking the glass jug in warm soapy water for about 15 min to help clean and loosen any dirt or grime

  • Once you jug is clean dry thoroughly. If there are any labels or left-over glue from stickers, goo gone is going to be your best friend. Take a dry cloth and apply goo gone. Rub gently until clean.

  • Lay your tarp on a flat surface to protect surfaces from the spray paint.

  • Starting at the top of the glass jug, hold spray paint can 12 inches from the jug. spray a light, thin layer of metallic spray paint. Gentilly fading the paint about three quarters of the way down. Make sure to leave a little bit of the middle of the jug clear for the ombre effect.

  • Take the black spray paint, start at the bottom of the jug and spray the black thoroughly and gently start to lightly fade the black towards the middle.

*Tips & Tricks*

-standing a little further away from the jug while spraying will help with the fading out of the paint for the ombre affect and elevate any paint drips.

Out & About

People & Places

Places to Go-


Found Furnishings

Found is one of Midland’s most treasured businesses and one of my favorite places to roam, shop, and

gather inspiration. It is not your average furniture and décor shop. It has an eclectic mix of custom, re-

loved, upcycled and repurposed pieces. Plus So. Much. Cool. Art. Women owned and operated. And the

sweetest staff ever! Be sure to check this place out!


Mitchell’s Furniture

Mitchell’s Furniture is the go-to furniture company of “Keeping Good Co.” This is not simply because

they have amazing furniture. Jenifer and Mark Mitchell are amazing business owners and amazing

humans. Their heart for philanthropy coupled with Jenifer’s exquisite eye for design have won them

many loyal customers over the past decade. If you are looking for big city vendors with down home

hospitality, Mitchell’s furniture is the place to be.


The Design Gallery at Paul Evans

True story- Brandy once got one of Paul Evans box trucks stuck underneath a tree. It wasn’t good. But . .

. The family that owns the Paul Evans group of stores, is both talented AND filled with grace. And many

years later their design partnership still flourishes. Paul Evans is the boutique surfaces store for both

homeowners, designers, and contractors for the Permian basin. With a huge selection of all the major

design leaders in tile, wood, cabinetry, solid surfaces, and plumbing, there is no need to head to Dallas

or Houston. Plus you get hometown service.



Additional Crew Faves:


Hartley Haus-

And a West Texas Sized "Thank You" To Our Sponsors...

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